Why Violinists Need Short Nails | Herriman Violin Lessons

Why Violinists Need Short Nails | Herriman Violin Lessons



Musicians are adamant about keeping their fingernails short. Growing up, it was not uncommon for my music teachers to have nail clippers on hand for students who showed up with nails that were too long. Keeping your fingernails trimmed is a simple way to set you up for success as a musician. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to have short nails as a violinist.


Proper Hand Position

To play the violin properly, it is important to play on the fingertips with curved fingers. Long nails can cause the knuckle to collapse, which can cause unnecessary tension in addition to incorrect finger placement.



Short nails can aid in intonation. Curved fingers help you place your fingers more accurately, which is hard to do with longer nails.



Long fingernails can cause extra sounds when playing the violin. You may inadvertently touch other strings or make clicking sounds on the fingerboard if your nails are too long.


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