Why I Teach Music | Utah Viola Teacher

Why I Teach Music | Utah Viola Teacher



Being a teacher is one of the most demanding and fulfilling jobs in the workforce. Being a music teacher is no different. So why do I choose to teach music? Even though some days can be challenging, the satisfaction I get from teaching far outweighs any negative aspects. Today, I’m sharing why I choose to teach music.


Perpetual Progress

I am a life-long learner. I am constantly seeking out knowledge in my life, often subconsciously. Teaching is something that facilities my love of life-long learning. Each student that I teach is unique and learns in a unique way, which drives me to be creative and create new strategies for teaching. I can always learn how to hone my teaching strategies, which keeps my work interesting.


It’s About the Students

I became especially passionate about music education in college. During my coursework, I was exposed to the many benefits learning music has on children and adolescents. In addition to the academic boosts, regularly participating in exercises involving repetitive movement can help ease anxiety and other mental issues. I could go on and on about the mental, social, and emotional benefits of music. Being a music professional allows me to be a direct influence for good in the lives of others, and that is extremely satisfying to me.


Work and Family Life Balance

Being a music teacher contributes to the well-being of my family (and not just in the way you might be thinking). Having time set aside for teaching helps me be a better wife and mother. It allows me to spend time regularly working on my personal and professional development, which is key for my personal mental health. I love my family dearly; they are my rock. I also love having time for myself, time to be my own person, and not only fulfilling a family role. Teaching music has been a perfect balance for me in my family life.


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