Why Classical Violin? | Beginner Violin Lessons

Why Classical Violin? | Beginner Violin Lessons



Are you interested in learning to play the violin, but not sure where to start? Read on to discover why starting with classical violin will give you a strong foundation for learning any other type of violin music.


Classical violinists have strong technique.

When you study classical violin, you learn the fundamentals of excellent playing technique. It’s like ballet — if you learn ballet first, you can become an amazing hip-hop, jazz, or contemporary dancer by applying those techniques to those dance genres. Similarly, if you start violin with a classical foundation you can become an excellent bluegrass/fiddle, jazz, or hip-hop violinist.


Classical violinists develop a great ear.

Classical violinists spend a lot of time listening to recordings of other musicians, which helps them learn their pieces like a pro. Students also spend time doing interval ear training and listening for patterns in pieces in order to develop themselves as whole musicians. Shinichi Suzuki, who developed the Suzuki Method, compared learning music to learning how to speak; you need to hear the language before you can learn to speak it.


Classical violinists are disciplined.

Learning the violin requires daily effort. Classical violinists learn to make practice part of their daily routine, which helps them master the instrument bit by bit. This foundation in discipline can help you learn anything you want in life!


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