Why All Kids Should Try Music | Private Violin Lessons

Why All Kids Should Try Music | Private Violin Lessons



You may have heard that learning music can be beneficial for your child. I have always believed this, but studying music education in college really solidified to me all of the many benefits of studying music. Here are some reasons why I believe all kids should try music.


Music is Fun!

Let’s start with what might be one of the most obvious benefits of studying music: Your child might love it! I strongly believe in the benefits of having enjoyable hobbies. It doesn’t matter if your child is a prodigy or not– if they enjoy music, then that is a great outlet. And if they decide to seriously pursue it, that’s great! But too many parents have unreasonable expectations and want their kids to be “Olympic level” at every activity they sign up for. Not only is this unrealistic, but it can also be a damaging mindset for your child to develop. Let them have fun with music!


Cognitive Benefits

Music is a natural way to introduce basic literary and math concepts. Young toddlers can learn their ABCs and 123s through song, and learning how to read notes can improve literary reading skills. There is also a lot of math involved with counting and subdividing music. Learning music can help kids develop critical thinking skills that can help them excel in school and develop other necessary life skills.


Increased Focus

In a world where kids have the world at their fingertips, it is important to develop patience and focus. Learning music is a slow process that takes a lot of concentration to master. As kids practice music consistently, their focus skills will get better and better.


Emotional Resilience

Music has the ability to touch without words. Growing up, I used music as a tool to manage difficult feelings as well as an outlet for enjoyment. I still listen to music to help me stay calm or to just “check out” of life. It’s especially fun for me because I understand music well and can appreciate it. Having something to turn to as an emotional outlet is especially important for children and teens who are under tremendous pressure to succeed. Music might be that outlet for them!



Learning any instrument well requires an incredible amount of discipline. For me, it encouraged me to develop good daily habits. I learned how to organize my daily schedule so I could get my practice sessions in. I had to learn how to keep going even when I was discouraged, and that’s something that I have applied to many areas of my life.



Do I think music will be everyone’s “thing”? No. But I still think there are benefits to letting kids try it out. For my own children, I don’t expect them to have music careers, but I do hope that they will gain the above benefits from studying music while they are young. It is my hope that every child can have access to quality music education.


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