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Are you wondering which instrument you or your child should play? There are many factors to consider when choosing (or helping your child choose) an instrument. I’ve put together a list, specific to string instruments, to help you in your decision.


Listen to Each Instrument

Provide opportunities early and often to hear the different timbres of different instruments. Do you like the low sound of the bass? Does the bright sound of the violin excite you? Many people choose to play the violin, but part of that reason is that it’s the most common string instrument they’ve heard of. Introducing yourself to different instruments may give them a chance to select what sound you prefer.


Natural Temperament

Consider your natural temperament. What things do you like to do in your free time? How do you interact with others? Are you a go-getter or more relaxed and easy-going? Anyone can do well on any string instrument, but there are different “cultures” associated with each string group, Bass players tend to like to have fun and be relaxed. Violinists tend to get labeled as “primadonnas” and tend to be competitive and determined. Harpists are viewed as graceful and technical. You may want to play more with a specific type of group based on your natural temperament.


Physical Development

This is a practical factor in determining a good instrument for you or your child. People with long arms and fingers do well on the bigger instruments, while those with shorter fingers may do better on the violin. This is simply because of the mechanics of the instrument– violin fingering is closer together than on the other instruments. This isn’t to say there aren’t fantastic violists, cellists or bassists who have little hands– they just have to get creative in how they accomplish certain techniques.


Music Genres

Although each instrument can participate in many genres of music, some lean heavily in certain directions. Bass players are versatile and can play in an orchestra, a jazz band, and even pops and blues music. Do you like fiddling? Violin might be your jam. Violists and cellists tend to lean more classical. Consider what type of music you’d enjoy playing!


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