When to Rehair Your Violin Bow (and why!) | Herriman Violin Lessons

When to Rehair Your Violin Bow (and why!) | Herriman Violin Lessons



Have you ever wondered why violinists replace their bow hairs? Read on to learn why – and when – to rehair your bow.


Why should I rehair my bow?

Violin bows are made of horse hair. Over time, this hair gets worn out and naturally breaks, leaving you with less hair on the bow. This makes it difficult to produce a strong, resonant tone on the violin. Taking proper care of your bow, including replacing the bow hair, will help keep your instrument in excellent playing condition.


When should I rehair my bow?

For hobby players, I recommend rehairing every couple of years. If you are a competitive or professional violinist, I recommend rehairing every 6 months to a year. The more you practice, the more often you should replace the hairs!

It’s important to note that some bows have synthetic hair. If you have this type of bow, I would strongly recommend getting the hair replaced with genuine horse hair. Your tone will be significantly different!



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