When Can I Learn Vibrato? | Private Violin Lessons

When Can I Learn Vibrato? | Private Violin Lessons



My students commonly ask me when they can start to learn vibrato. Many of them don’t realize how much patience it takes to develop a beautiful vibrato. Today, I’m sharing the aspects of violin playing that should be mastered before you should start learning vibrato.


Master a Beautiful Tone

In order to focus on the complex left-hand technique of vibrato, you should be able to produce a solid, resonant tone without too much thought.  Vibrato should only enhance your instrument’s natural sound, not cover it up. If you have a fuzzy or weak tone, adding vibrato won’t make it any better. However, adding vibrato to an already beautiful tone can make a big difference in your playing.

Learn the basics of producing a beautiful tone here.



You should be able to play in tune most of the time before attempting vibrato. This includes being able to produce ringing tones without finger tapes. The action of vibrato is literally going in and out of tune, and if you don’t know what “in tune” sounds like you won’t be able to produce a good vibrato.


Realistic Timeline

In general, I would wait until you have played the violin for 2 or 3 years before attempting vibrato. This will give you enough time to be comfortable in the mechanics of playing the violin. When you are ready to start, check out my tips for learning vibrato here!


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