What Music Has Taught Me | Utah Violin Teacher

What Music Has Taught Me | Utah Violin Teacher



There are so many things that I have learned from music that I could write about. Today, I am focusing on three things that music has taught me and which continued to support me in my adult life.



I started performing in recitals very young (about preschool age). At that age, I was confident and fearless. I didn’t worry about what other people thought about me. Fast forward to middle and high school, and it’s a different story. I really struggled with self-confidence and became really anxious. Performances started to get more scary for me, and I had to practice working through my performance anxiety. While I still struggle with those feelings occasionally, studying music has become a vehicle for me to practice having courage. I have learned that even though I have to face things that are hard and scary sometimes, I can trust myself to get through them.



My music study has taught me how to fail, and succeed, then fail and succeed again. Learning how to perfect a piece is a long and tedious process, and provides plenty of opportunities for mistakes and slip-ups to appear. I used to get really caught up in my failures, but over time I have internalized the idea that failure precedes success. Although working through my failures with a healthy mindset is something that I still have to work on, being able to see my failures as a learning experience has been so beneficial for me in my life.



I highly value productivity and efficiency in my personal life, which definitely has its benefits. However, music is never about getting through a piece as quickly as possible. You have to learn how to take pauses here and there and make tempo changes, along with other intentional musical decisions, to really make a piece come to life. Music taught me that life isn’t about just rushing around everywhere and getting things done. The slow and tender moments I experience are sometimes the ones that make me feel most alive.


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