What Kind of Music Stand Do I Need? | Online Violin Lessons

What Kind of Music Stand Do I Need? | Online Violin Lessons



There are several good options when it comes to choosing a music stand for your violin practice. In this post, I will outline a few of those options to help you decide which stand will work best for you!


Professional Music Stand

This is the type of stand you would typically see at a professional music concert. The stand is typically made of metal or plastic and colored black. This is a great, sturdy stand to have for at-home violin practice.


Folding Music Stand

This type of music stand can fold up, making it a great choice for use while traveling. It’s also a great space-saving option if you would like your stand to be stored between uses. There are simple and cost-effective options as well as more heavy-duty options that can hold heavier music.


Decorative Music Stand

Some music stands are more decorative and can serve as a statement piece in your home in addition to being used for practicing. These stands are typically made of wood or metal and have ornate details.


I personally have a Manhasset music stand for every day use and several folding music stands for gigs. There are lots of great options out there — just figure out what will best fit your needs.


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