Violin First Position Flashcards | Utah Violin Teacher

Violin First Position Flashcards | Utah Violin Teacher



I love using flashcards for my beginner and intermediate students. The very first set of flashcards that I use with my students is violin fingerings in 1st position. Although I am a trained Suzuki teacher, I use a combination of the Suzuki Method and traditional methods. Unlike many Suzuki teachers who start out teaching strictly by rote, I introduce note reading right away. These violin 1st position flashcards are introduced within the first month of lessons and greatly facilitate music reading.


How to Use Violin 1st Position Flashcards

I like to introduce these flashcards one string at a time, starting with the regular fingerings. I typically teach the A string notes during the first lesson and send the student home with the A string flashcards. Once the student has memorized the A string notes, I introduce the D string notes and send those flashcards home. I repeat these steps with the G- and E-string notes. When the student has the complete set of regular fingering flashcards, I start timing him/her at lessons. The student officially passes off the flashcards when he/she can recite the note name and finger number for each flashcard in one minute or less. Irregular fingerings are generally introduced around the end of Suzuki Book 1.


The set I created includes regular and irregular fingerings for 1st position, and includes 10 pages that can be printed double-sided. Find the set here.




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