Violin Finger Patterns | Online Violin Lessons

Violin Finger Patterns | Online Violin Lessons



Finger patterns refer to the spatial patterns between the left hand fingers. Violinists use different finger patterns to produce different scales and perform pieces using those scales.  There are 8 finger patterns, and each scale uses unique finger patterns to create the half and whole step patterns needed for each scale. For violinists, half steps are fingers that are close together and whole steps are spread apart.


Violinists need to have strong fingers, and practicing these finger patterns without the violin is the first step to gaining that strength.


Here’s an easy way you can remember the finger patterns:

1 and 2

2 and 3

3 and 4

1+2 and 3+4



half steps

whole steps


If you can memorize that, you can memorize your finger patterns! Try chanting it as you practice forming the finger patterns in the air. See my Instagram reel to see it in action!

Putting finger tapes on your fingerboard can help you learn the correct spacing for your fingers. Find the ones I use here!


Looking for more violin practice tips? Find my suggestions for practice aids here!




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