Tips For Buying a Violin | Beginner Violin Lessons

Tips For Buying a Violin | Beginner Violin Lessons



Shopping for a new violin can be daunting. I often get asked what to look for when purchasing an instrument, so today I’m sharing my top tips for buying a violin.


Shop at a Local Music Store, In-Person

I am a big fan of ordering things online. I find it so easy and convenient, and I can do it in my pjs! When shopping for an instrument, however, I do NOT recommend online shopping. You need to be able to hear the instrument in-person to find a really good quality instrument. My favorite instrument store is Adam Day Violins. Charles Liu, Summerhays, and Riverton Music are all excellent choices as well.

If you do choose to shop online, I definitely recommend going through a trusted music brand such as Shar. Most instruments found on Amazon will sound fuzzy and airy, and these instruments often do not stay in tune very well. These factors may cause frustration for the learning process.


Play The Violin Before You Purchase (or ask someone to play it for you)

Often, music stores will have staff on hand to help you choose an instrument. If they don’t offer, make sure to ask them to demonstrate the violin for you. If you can play it yourself, make sure to play the violin so you can listen for the quality of sound. Don’t just pick a violin that looks pretty — make sure it sounds good too!


Listen For An Open Sound

Each instrument is unique, with some instruments having a bright tone and others having a warm tone. Both of these qualities can sound fantastic. Generally, though, I recommend finding an instrument that has an open, resonant sound. If the instrument is resonant, you should be able to hear a bit of a ring after the bow leaves the string. Avoid instruments where the sound goes inward toward the instrument and sounds closed off and flat.


Ask About the Violin’s History

If possible, ask about the history of the violin (who made it, the year it was made, how many owners it has had, what repairs have been made, etc.) Knowing the history may help you in the decision process. Violins age very well, so purchasing an old instrument is not an issue. However, knowing what repairs have been done and how the instrument has been handled can help you know how to care for the violin.


Don’t Forget The Shoulder Rest!

The shoulder rest is an essential part of the instrument package, and it usually is sold separately from the violin. I like the Everest shoulder rest for beginners, but there are many good brands of shoulder rests. Having the shoulder rest will help you hold the violin properly and help you stay relaxed as you play.


Want to learn how to care for your new violin? Find out here!




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