Technique Tracker | Violin Practice Motivation

Technique Tracker | Violin Practice Motivation



I have always been a gentle and encouraging teacher with high expectations. I recently started incorporating more specific goals (disguised as games and sticker charts) to encourage my students to improve their playing. This has been especially helpful as I have been teaching cello to my 6-year-old. I  have started using this technique tracker that I created to reinforce good techniques in a positive way, and he has loved it.


How to Use Technique Tracker

I keep these charts in my studio, filed by student name, to ensure I have them at every lesson and they don’t get lost. Every time I notice a student using proper playing technique I give him/her a sticker for his/her chart. There is no limit on how many stickers they can earn in a day! My younger students, especially, love to earn stickers for pretty much anything, and this chart was no exception. When the chart is full, students get to choose a prize from my treasure chest and take the chart home.


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