Suzuki Cello Progress Charts  | Practice Motivation

Suzuki Cello Progress Charts  | Practice Motivation



Did you know that your brain loves to be rewarded? It’s true! Rewards release dopamine in the brain, which makes your brain want to keep doing whatever caused it to receive the reward. For this reason, I intentionally find ways to celebrate my students in their progress. One of the tools I use to celebrate progress is using progress charts. I primarily teach private violin and viola lessons but decided to create these charts to correlate with the Suzuki cello method as well. Find my Suzuki cello progress charts here!


How to Use Progress Charts

To use the charts, simply print out the chart for the specific book you are working on. When you pass off a piece, you can color or place a sticker on the space that the piece you passed off is on. You will love seeing how much progress they make as you learn the cello!


Looking for more practice aids? Find my cello first position flashcards here!




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