My Teaching Philosophy | Utah Violin Teacher

My Teaching Philosophy | Utah Violin Teacher



There are so many good ways to teach music. I have spent many years trying out different teaching strategies and styles to see what works best for me. I strongly believe that students should study with a teacher that is a good fit for them. Today I’m sharing my general philosophy and teaching style so you can see if I’m a good fit for you or your child.


Progress Over Perfection

I have found the most success in my personal life when I have prioritized progress over perfection. For me, this means doing what I “should” be doing most of the time. I have days when I fall short, or have other things come up that need my attention, or sometimes I just need a mental break. However, as long as I am generally pointed in the right direction, I feel successful. This is something I share with my students, particularly when it comes to practicing. As long as you practice most days, you will make progress in your music studies.


Student Choice

While I have created a curriculum that I think is very effective, I am also very interested in what the students want to learn. I encourage students to discover what music genres they are drawn to and help them pick out a piece in that genre to learn. If students have a choice in their learning, it is more likely that they will take ownership of their music education and find joy in their progress.


High Expectations, Nurtured by Love

I believe that students rise to the expectations that we give them. Because of that, I have a standard of excellence in my studio that I expect students to achieve. All along the way, however, I am highly encouraging and quick to point out where students are doing well. My individual relationship with each student is a high priority in my teaching, and I believe that contributes to their successes.


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