Music Gift Guide | Utah Violin Teacher

Music Gift Guide | Utah Violin Teacher


With Christmas on my mind, I thought it would be fun today to share a music gift guide. Here are 9 gift ideas for the music students in your life.



A metronome is a critical tool for the serious music student. Metronomes help students internalize the beat and learn to play steadily. Find the one I use here.


High-Quality Rosin

Basic student rosin will work for the beginning student, but eventually, you will want to invest in a nice cake of rosin. Good rosin will improve the tone quality of the instrument. Find my favorite rosin here.


Instrument Polish

Using instrument polish on your instrument regularly will improve the look of the instrument and give it a beautiful shine. Here is an instrument polish from a great brand name.


Soft Cleaning Cloth

A soft cleaning cloth is essential for instrument care. It’s important to choose one that is smooth and will not leave lint on the instrument. Find a multi-pack here.


Gift Certificate

A gift certificate to a future concert or workshop is a great way to facilitate music learning and get the student excited about progressing as a musician.


Sheet Music

Gifting sheet music is a great way to cater to student interests and allow them to develop their own musical taste.


Music Stand

Having a good-quality music stand can remove the annoyance of having music fall and can also encourage good posture. I really like my Manhasset music stand.


Clip-On Tuner

This gift idea is especially helpful for beginner instrumentalists. You can clip the tuner directly onto the scroll and students can tune their own instruments (with some practice). Find one here.


Practice Mute

This one is especially great for families who have multiple musicians in the home. This mute allows you to practice normally, but the sound is dampened. Find one here.


If you’re looking for Christmas violin sheet music, you can find my version of  “Jingle Bell Rock” here!




I’d love to work with you! Please contact me for more information about music lessons!


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