Key Signature Flashcards | Private Violin Lessons

Key Signature Flashcards | Private Violin Lessons



I love using flashcards for my beginner and intermediate students. I created these key signature flashcards to help my students learn their key signatures, and they get used regularly in my studio.


How to Use Key Signature Flashcards:

After my students have passed off their note names and have memorized a handful of scales, I start drilling key signatures. To pass off the flashcards, students need to recite the name of the major and relative minor of every key in 2 minutes or less. Once they have achieved this, I ask them to name the key and then play the accompanying scale (no time limit here). As a result, my students’ knowledge of keys and finger patterns is solidified. I’ve found that learning key signatures in this way has also really improved my students’ sightreading abilities.


This set uses the treble clef, making it ideal for treble clef instrumentalists or female voice students.


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