How to Prioritize Ear Health | Herriman Violin Lessons

How to Prioritize Ear Health | Herriman Violin Lessons



As a musician, taking extra precautions around your hearing is vital for your ear health. This is especially true if you are a violinist or violist, as the sound holes are directly under your ears. Over time, exposure to these high decibels may damage your hearing or cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


When I was in college, my professors encouraged us to purchase special earplugs to help us protect our hearing. While I don’t play with a loud symphony orchestra regularly anymore, I do teach 20+ hours a week in my small in-home studio, and the sound is amplified. My college earplugs are long gone, but I recently started using these ones to reduce the noise I hear to safe decibel levels while teaching. My hope is that these earplugs will delay my need for hearing aids down the road.


In addition to using earplugs, I am wary of the volume on my electronic devices. I tend to be conservative with volume as an extra safety precaution for my ears.


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