How to Deal With Performance Anxiety | Herriman Violin Lessons

How to Deal With Performance Anxiety | Herriman Violin Lessons



Performing comes naturally to some, but for me, it is a learned skill. I have definitely experienced my fair share of performance anxiety. Even today, I still get some anxiety about performing. Today, I’m sharing my top tips for managing performance anxiety (hint: most of it has to do with the preparation before the performance!).


Make sure your piece is memorized well before the performance.

Ideally, your piece should be memorized at least a month before the performance date. Knowing a piece by memory demonstrates that you REALLY know your notes and rhythms. Your fingers will develop the muscle memory needed to play the piece, and you can rely on that muscle memory when the nerves start to come up (and when you start to worry about your mind going blank.


Consider how to make your performance a gift to the audience.

When I make performing all about me, I worry a lot more about how people are judging and nit-picking my performance. When I think about my performance being a gift, I can give myself some grace and realize that the performance doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful to someone.


Try deep breathing.

When you are waiting for your performance and your heart starts to race, try taking some deep breaths. This can help you relax by steadying your heart rate and getting more oxygen to your brain.


Keep your hands warm.

One of the first signs of performance anxiety for me is cold hands. Violinists need warm fingers to play with fluidity and dexterity. Try bringing hand warmers or sitting on your hands to help keep those fingers relaxed and warm.


Plan to celebrate afterward.

Give yourself something to look forward to after the performance is over! Plan a relaxing night in or a trip to the ice cream shop — whatever sounds celebratory to you!


Need a piece for a performance? Try my version of “Rewrite the Stars” here!




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