How to Create A Practice Routine That Works | Online Violin Lessons

How to Create A Violin Practice Routine That Works | Online Violin Lessons



If you want to become a great violinist — whether professional or amateur — you need to have a practice routine. Your practice routine should be specific to you and largely depends on what your goals are and how much time you have to dedicate to violin playing. Today, I’m taking you step-by-step through the process of creating a personalized practice routine that works for you.


Step 1: Determine Your Goals

What kind of violinist do you want to be? Do you want to be a concert violinist, a fiddler, or a violinist who can enjoy playing for fun? Getting specific with what you want your end goal to be is the first step in determining what your practice process will be. If this seems overwhelming, start with listing a few pieces you’d like to be able to play. You can always tweak your goals and adjust as you go!


Step 2: Decide How Often You Will Practice

Figuring out how often you want to practice is the next step. If your goal is to be a concert violinist, you’ll want to practice nearly every day for 4+ hours. If you are in a busy season and only want to practice 2-3 days a week, that’s great too. Remember, it’s all about knowing what your goals are and what is manageable for you. 


Step 3: Choose a Time of Day to Practice

Are you a morning person? More of a night owl? Can you only practice when the kids are at school? Whatever time of day is best for you, inserting your practice session into your daily routine will help you stick to your violin goals. Having it in your schedule will eliminate the decision of when to practice and help you get right into playing.


Step 4: Decide How Long Your Practice Sessions Will Be

If you are a beginner violinist, start with a small, manageable amount of time (think 5- to 30-minutes). In the beginning, you’ll benefit from “newbie gains” and likely see a lot of progress without a huge time commitment. As you become more advanced, though, you’ll likely want to increase the amount of time you practice in order to keep improving. 


Step 5: Decide What You Will Practice

I have a list of recommended practice items to include in your routine here, but generally you’ll want to have at least one scale and one piece to practice each day. I recommend practicing your technique for at least half of your practice time as this will improve your violin playing more than just playing straight through your pieces once or twice. As you get more comfortable with the mechanics of violin playing you can add more technique books and pieces to become even better.



Building a practice routine should be personalized for YOU. Take some time to think about what your violin goals are and figure out what is manageable for you in terms of how often and how long you can practice. 


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