How I Teach My Children Music | Utah Violin Teacher

How I Teach My Children Music | Utah Violin Teacher



When my acquaintances find out that I’m a music teacher, I get a lot of questions about my childrens’ experience with music, so today I thought it would be fun to share how I teach music to my own children.


Learning Through Play

Having a college-level education in music ed, I understand the many benefits of early exposure to music. Because of this knowledge, I chose to expose my own children to music as infants. They started out simply listening to quality music in the car, and as they grew older they started interacting with the music through play. I use music to teach them simple preschool concepts, such as the alphabet and number recognition. We also dance with the music to help them internalize a steady beat and to express themselves. They are also involved in the Let’s Play Music program, which integrates music and play so effectively.


Formal Music Lessons

I am currently teaching my oldest piano and cello. He started piano lessons with me at age 4, and he started cello lessons with me at age 5 (just a few weeks ago). We are learning piano with the My First Piano Adventure books by Faber, and we use the Suzuki method for cello. We basically have a short lesson/practice session every day, usually about 20 minutes for piano and 5-10 minutes for cello. He can pass off pieces/exercises when he can play with the piano accompaniment and make 2 mistakes or less. He also performs at my bi-annual studio recitals.


I am a big fan of learning piano basics first before trying out another instrument. The piano is so visual, which makes note reading easier, and piano-playing technique is not quite as complicated as technique for other instruments. These factors make piano a good, gentle introduction to music. I had always planned to teach my children piano, and then let them choose a second instrument if they are interested. So far it has worked well. Being both the parent and the teacher for my son can be a little tricky, though. I plan to teach him as long as the relationship is working and he is willing to work with me. When he gets more advanced, I plan on passing him on to another teacher (or teachers).


My Hope For My Children

My hope for my children is that music will be a satisfying and enriching part of their lives. I don’t expect them to have music careers (although it would be awesome if they chose that!), but I do hope it will bring them joy and help them through hard times.


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