Cello First Position Flashcards | Elementary Orchestra Teacher

Cello First Position Flashcards | Elementary Orchestra Teacher



I recently started teaching cello to my 5-year-old and created these flashcards to help him learn his 1st position notes and fingering. Although I am a trained Suzuki teacher, I use a combination of the Suzuki Method and traditional methods. Unlike many Suzuki teachers who start out teaching strictly by rote, I introduce note reading right away. I have found that using flashcards to learn note names and fingering greatly facilitates music reading.


How to Use Cello 1st Position Flashcards

I like to introduce these flashcards one string at a time, starting with the regular fingerings. I typically teach the A string notes during the first lesson and send the student home with the A string flashcards. Once the student has memorized the A string notes, I introduce the D string notes and send those flashcards home. I repeat these steps with the G- and C-string notes. When the student has the complete set of regular fingering flashcards, I start timing him/her at lessons. The student officially passes off the flashcards when he/she can recite the note name and finger number for each flashcard in one minute or less (and earns a special prize!). Irregular fingerings are generally introduced around the end of Suzuki Book 1.


The set I created includes regular fingerings for 1st position, and includes 4 pages that can be printed double-sided. Find the set here.




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