5 Viola Practice Motivation Ideas | Herriman Viola Lessons

5 Viola Practice Motivation Ideas | Herriman Viola Lessons



While I am a fan of internal motivation, we all need some external motivation sometimes. Our brains crave rewards for the work that we do. Here are five practice motivation ideas you can use to help you progress in viola playing.


Prepare for a Performance

Nothing gets me more motivated to practice than preparing for a live performance. I want to sound my best when I play in front of others, which encourages me to practice carefully and effectively. It doesn’t have to be anything big — even planning a performance for a family member or friend can get you going.


Use Stickers

I have been using a lot more stickers in my teaching lately, and it has been amazing to see what my students will do to earn a sticker. I love using this beautiful bow hold chart to encourage students to practice holding the bow correctly, but you could use it in countless ways to improve whatever technique you’re working on. My students love being able to choose a prize when they fill out the whole chart.


Play With Others

Music practice is isolating and can be lonely at times. When you’re not feeling very motivated, try playing music with others! You can join a local orchestra or even just have a casual jam session with a few friends. Getting together with my quartet and making beautiful music together brings me so much joy and reminds me why I love music.


Progress Charts

In my personal life, I find a lot of satisfaction in being able to physically see my progress, and it has been no different for my students. I created these Suzuki Viola Progress Charts for that very purpose. As students pass off their pieces, they can color in the space for the piece they passed off. Students love seeing how far they have come in their viola studies.


Listen to Great Violists

Whenever I’m feeling stuck in my goals, I spend some time getting inspired. I feel inspired whenever I listen to an incredible violist play, and it encourages me to go home and practice. Try going to a concert or finding a quality recording to listen to. It can provide you with some direction in your own viola journey.


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