3 Excuses For Not Learning Violin as an Adult | Online Violin Lessons

3 Excuses For Not Learning Violin as an Adult | Online Violin Lessons



Have you always wanted to learn to play the violin, but think it’s too late now that you’re an adult? Think again! There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument as an adult. Today, I’m sharing three common excuses to not learn the violin as an adult.


I’m Too Old

While there are certainly benefits to learning an instrument as a child, there are also advantages to learning as an adult. Many children are encouraged to play an instrument by an adult, and children naturally rebel sometimes as they are learning about themselves and their interests. Adults often choose not only to learn an instrument but also which instrument they want to learn.


I Don’t Have Time

Sure, this one may seem very true in your particular situation. However, learning an instrument is really good for firing neurons in the brain, and frequent practice sessions can be very centering and stress-relieving. You also don’t have to have a strict practice regimen — if you are tight on time one day, you can skip practicing and try again the next day. There’s no reason to set yourself up for disappointment when life gets in the way by setting expectations too high.


I Will Never Be a Great Violinist

While it may be true that the prodigies of the world started music lessons at a young age, it doesn’t mean that you can’t become a great violinist when you start at an older age. Consistent work and effort, not natural talent, can help you become a great violinist. You don’t need to be world-class to enjoy playing violin on an advanced level.


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